Friday, June 27, 2014

Brother From A Different Mother (And Decade)

I recently watched The Brood, a 1970s horror film directed by David Cronenberg. It's a charming little story about people whose deep-seated psychological problems manifest themselves as physically real murderous dwarf children. Yeah, that old story again.

I thought the movie was pretty meh, but I noticed something while watching. Canadian actor Art Hindle is the star of the film. Take a good look at him here. See anything familiar?

Hindle looks amazingly like a normal-sized Peter Dinklage! Just look at 'em! They could be brothers! Or different-sized twins!

Actually you'd need a time machine if you wanted them to play brothers now, as that photo of Art Hindle is thirty five years old. Maybe Hindle could land a gig on Game Of Thrones as Tyrion's uncle or previously unmentioned real father? C'mon, casting directors, let's make this happen!

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