Sunday, August 2, 2009

Barnyard Art

I was looking through some old backup CDs and found this barnyard scene that I drew circa 1999. It was a test image for an animation project that never quite got off the ground. Funny how often that happens. Well, not funny, but certainly very common.

It was drawn in Photoshop, on about 100 layers. I was trying to recreate the painted look of old Warner Brothers cartoons backgrounds. I didn't know much about simulating paint strokes in Photoshop back then, so it's not as painterly as it could be. I didn't use any of the paint effect brushes, it was all done with just the standard default PShop brush set and various filter effects. Fortunately since then I've learned what the various brushes can do and can simulate paint a lot better.

I didn't have a graphic tablet back then, so it was all done with the mouse. Don't ask me how. Nowadays I wouldn't even attempt such a thing with just the mouse.

Here's a shot of just the barn without the distracting dog in the foreground.


  1. but how would you do all the straight lines with a tablet pen?

  2. Hell man! I remember struggling with a mouse and drawing everything with one. I am so unco-ordinated with a mouse now when I attempt to anything such as drawing a simple circle.

  3. KW: Straight lines with the graphic tablet are simple. Just use the pen tool to draw the various shapes and then fill or stroke them.

    P: Yeah, I've got so used to drawing with the tablet that I can barely draw with the mouse anymore. I don't have a tablet at work, so when I need to draw something there it's a struggle.


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