Monday, February 21, 2011

I Have Gazed Into The Abyss...

I generally go see a movie every weekend, but due to increased work hours I haven't been able to go for the past two or three months. No movies means I've not seen any trailers for upcoming films for a while. That's why I was absolutely gobsmacked this weekend when I saw that THIS just came out:

Really, Hollywood? A city full of talent and millions of dollars at your disposal, and THIS is the best you can come up with?

This makes the third time they've trodden this hard-packed and well worn ground, but this time there's a twist. Big Momma's son witnesses a mob hit, so he has to dress like a woman and hide out in an all girl's school for his own protection, thereby ripping off Sister Act and grafting it to this mess. You know you're in trouble when you start mining Whoopi Goldberg movies for inspiration. There's not an original idea within a hundred miles of this so-called film, and sensible moviegoers are well advised to steer clear of these tepid waters. 

Was anyone, anywhere (other than Martin Lawrence) really clamoring for a third installment of this dismal series?

Sometimes I wonder how original and thought-provoking films like Inception ever get made. In fact I'm not even sure Inception is a real movie; I'm beginning to believe I just dreamed I went to the theater and saw it.

Hollywood's been doing a lot of whining lately about how ticket sales are steadily dropping. They need look no further than this poster for the answer.


  1. THANK YOU! You summed it up perfectly!

  2. I'm beginning to wonder if "original" is even in Hollywood's lexicon. Heck, even Christopher Nolan admitted that Inception was heavily influenced by Dark City and Thirteen Floor. Still, at least it's original-ish!

    I find when I encounter things such as "Big Momma" I can effectively counteract it by watching something like Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. :D


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