Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm A Grown Man And I Bought This: Friday The 13th Hockey Mask

I know it's a couple of days late for Halloween, but I thought I'd do a review of the official Jason Vorhees Friday The 13th Hockey Mask.

I picked this up a while back at Toys R Us for around $29, which is not a bad price for a full sized prop these days.

I'm by no means a scholar of all things Jason, but as near as I can tell this is a replica of his mask from Friday The 13th: Part III. You can tell this because the mask is intact; in subsequent films there was a large slice in the upper left corner of it as it became increasingly damaged as the series went on.

If you're into cosplay this probably wouldn't be the best choice for a Jason mask. It's intended more as a prop or a display piece than an actual wearable mask. It seems to be made out of resin rather than plastic, and is quite heavy. It's wearable, but its weight tends to make it want to droop off of your face. Be careful if you hang it on your wall; it feels like it might shatter if you dropped it on a hard floor.

As I mentioned earlier, I've not studied the movies frame by frame, but the mask looks accurate to me and is sculpted well. The aging and wear is well done, giving it the appearance of an old and worn object, rather than a brand spanking new item.

SPOILERS! Did you know that Jason didn't actually don his iconic hockey mask until the THIRD movie in the series? In the original Friday The 13th Jason doesn't even appear until the last ten seconds or so, and when he does he's sans mask. Then in Friday The 13th: Part II he wears some sort of burlap sack over his head. He doesn't put on the infamous hockey mask until halfway through the third outing.

As I said, the mask is wearable, and yes, I've tried it on. I debated whether or not to include a photo of myself wearing it, but ultimately decided no. I'm going to be looking for a new job soon and the last thing I need is a photo of me wearing a Jason mask on the internet to scare away potential employers.

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