Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Rise Of The Cybermen" Cyberman

Here's an illustration of the most recent Cyberman design that first appeared in the 2006 Doctor Who episode Rise of the Cybermen.

Unlike the previous Cybermen who came from the planet Mondas, these Cybermen originated on a parallel Earth.

The Doctor, Rose and Mickey Smith are traveling in the Tardis when it suddenly slips through a crack in the Time Vortex. They land on a parallel Earth that's similar to our own, but with a few differences. Huge zeppelins fill the skies of London, the populace wears ear pieces that beam info directly into their brains, and Rose's father Pete is still alive.

Elsewhere, a billionaire named John Lumic, head of Cybus Industries, is working on a secret project to perfect a cybernetic body. Lumic is dying and plans to place his brain in one of these bodies before his time is up. He experiments on London's homeless, transforming them into an army of cyborgs. Naturally they revolt against their creator and a new race of Cybermen is born.

These new Cybermen didn't stay in their own dimension for long; they soon spilled over into our Earth as well.

I like the design of these new Cybermen, although their look appears to owe more than a little to Iron Man. For once the show had the budget to make suits that appeared to be made from actual metal, rather than dressing actors in silver jumpsuits as they did in years past.

By the way, the large letter "C" on their chest plates stands for Cybus Industries, not Cybermen.

As you've probably gathered by all the recent Cyber posts, I'm working on a project involving the Cybermen. It's not quite ready to post yet though.

This is a vector drawing, done entirely in InDesign.


  1. I'm working on a project involving the Cybermen. It's not quite ready to post yet though.

    Hmmm, can i say that i can't wait. Love the cybermen, and really like how you draw them.

  2. I really love the new designs of the Cybermen. In fact, that episode was the reason I started loving them!

  3. @Ethan94:

    Yeah, I like the new designs as well. Finally they look like they're made out of metal instead of people wearing silver jumpsuits!


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