Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If You Can't Say Something Nice...

I do a lot of criticizing and mocking of advertising and graphic design here at Bob Canada's BlogWorld. It ain't that I'm a jerk, it's just that most of the advertising I see around me begs to be mocked. It's just asking for it.

But in the interest of fair play, I thought I'd try actually praising a design for once. Just to see how it feels, you understand.

I saw this careening down the street a couple days ago. It's a delivery truck for a local tire store. That's their two mascots Ra & Ben (of Raben Tires, get it? Com-O-Dee!) seemingly being tossed around in the back of the truck.

I don't know who designed and created the graphic, but it's very well done. The two figures are either airbrushed or rendered in CGI, making them look like three dimensional characters.It really does look like they're peering out from under the half-raised door. If I was a coyote I'd probably try to jump inside (and flatten my head on the closed door).

The thing that impresses me the most about it is that the company's  logo is half obscured at the top, as if the door's rolling up inside the truck. Very bold of them to trust that the slack-jawed public will still be able to read it as "Raben." I bet that was a tough sell on the part of the designer, and frankly it's a miracle they agreed to it. Maybe they figured everyone would recognize the mascots?

Anyway, there you go. A positive review of some local graphic design for a change. Not quite as exciting as the usual brutal critique, but whaddya gonna do?

OK, Raben, I plugged your truck. I fully expect a 50% discount next time I come in. 


  1. Nicely done. I grew up in Owensboro and fully remember the hilarious Raben Tire commercials. My brother and I still laugh over the "Howdy, I'm Ray. and I'm Ben!", and in particular one ersatz ad featuring the boys cornfield skiing. Thanks for the memory spark.

  2. Had to look up that commercial. Hope you don't mind the share. http://youtu.be/qa8L-7yeD_o

  3. Weird! I knew they Raben had the cartoon mascots but I didn't know they ever had live action versions of them.


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