Friday, October 17, 2014

Why Do They Call Them Comics: The Wizard Of Id

Earlier this year Jeff Parker, the current artist and writer of The Wizard Of Id, taunted the notoriously litigious Tolkien estate by producing a strip featuring a Hobbit, a creature whose appearance and name are not in the public domain.

Now he's courting similar legal disaster by throwing rocks at the sleeping giant that is the J.K. Rowling empire. Rowling jealously protects her literary baby the way a dragon guards its gold (and rightly so). 

So I ask you Mr. Parker, was it really worth risking your home and career to make that lame play on Rowling's "expecto patronum" spell? And if it was, couldn't you at least have taken the time to look it up and get it right? It's "patronum," not "patronus." A patronus is what the patronum spell conjures.

By the way, what the hell's the punch line to this strip? Is it that the Wizard over-enthusiastically used magic to refill his wife Blanche's coffee mug, and the arcane energies slightly dirtied her nose? If so, that's a hell of a joke there.

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