Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saul Finnegan

Hey, it's another vector drawing!

I'm starting to become more comfortable working with vector. I didn't much like it the first time I dabbled in it, mostly because it took so incredibly long to draw anything. But the more I use it, the faster I get. I did this one in about 5 or 6 hours. A far cry from the days it took to do this one in 2009.

I've been drawing my vector characters in InDesign, then importing them into Photoshop where I add painterly backgrounds (because smeary paint is something you just can't do very well in vector). This one is 100% vector though, character, background and bubbles.

Originally I drew Finnegan with big clomping cartoon feet. About halfway through the drawing, I thought, "Why aren't his feet webbed like his hands?" So I scrapped his feet and redrew them to better suit his aquatic environment. I thought I'd throw in the original version for comparison.


  1. Hard to believe that something so small as webbed feet can make such a difference in the overall appearance of the character. But it totally does. Nice job on the bubbles and background in InDesign as well :)

  2. Thanks! As I said above, I've been doing the backgrounds in Photoshop because vector doesn't do painterly effects very well, but I thought I'd go ahead and try it this time. I was very surprised when the vector swirly water and bubbles looked as if they were done in bitmap.


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