Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Overheard At Work: Celebrity Wedding

I work in a typical office, surrounded by many other workers in cubicles. Although I'm grateful to have a job I like, sometimes the vocal din from the surrounding coworkers is a bit overwhelming. Not to mention odd. Thank the gods old and new for headphones and Pandora.

The following is a 100% true actual conversation I Overheard At Work:

Woman: I couldn't possibly care less about Kim and Kanye's wedding. It's all so stupid; that's all the news sites have been talking about all day. Who cares what designer dress Kim wore... (several hundred words omitted for brevity) ...and who all was there and how much the wedding cost and..."
In fact she cares so little about the affair that she spoke about it for at least twenty straight minutes.

Minor kudos to her, I suppose, for saying "couldn't care less" instead of the bone-headedly wrong "could care less."

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