Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Case Of Batman V Superman

In nerd news today, Warner Bros. released the official title of their upcoming Superman 2 film: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Whew! What a mouthful. I feel like I need to sit down after saying it.

As I made clear last year, I was less than impressed with Man Of Steel -- aw, who am I kidding, I absolutely hated it. So I have little or no interest in anything to do with this follow up. They can call this one Dark Knightman Clashes Against Hopeman and it won't be any skin off my nose.

I do think the odd wording is kind of amusing though. You know, using "v" instead of the usual "vs." abbreviation. It looks for all the world like Batman is suing Superman.
All rise! The Gotham City Municipal Court is now in session. Case #105, Batman v Superman. The honorable Judge Morris Mendelbaum presiding. Please be seated.
Obviously the subtitle is hinting at a future Justice League Of America movie. Marvel's The Avengers movie grossed an astonishing $1.5 BILLION dollars worldwide, so Warner Bros. wants some of that sweet, sweet super team crossover money. Never mind that Marvel slowly, carefully and deliberately spent five years setting up a cinematic universe before releasing their super team opus. Warner ain't got time for that; they want that dough now, world-building be damned.

And how messed up is it that the sequel to Man Of Steel gives Batman top billing? Jesus, I see people standing on street corners holding "Will Work For Food" signs who could probably handle this film series with more competence. I don't see any hope for this franchise. Even if that's what the symbol on Superman's chest stands for.

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