Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Supply And Demand

I went to the annual FandomFest convention in nearby Louisville a couple weeks ago. While there, I came to a blood-curdling conclusion...

I'm desperately worried that the vast majority of our world's precious and rapidly depleting oil supply has been used to manufacture Pop Vinyls! There can't be more than a couple of hundred barrels left on Earth.

Virtually EVERY booth at FandomFest was selling them. I like Pop Vinyls as much as the next person— in fact I even have a few— but Jesus Christ! Enough already!

I did a little research online, and as of March 2016 there are close to 2000 different Pop Vinyls available. I'll bet if you gathered up every one of them that the Funco company's made so far, they'd fill the Empire State Building. 

I guess someone out there must be buying them, but this feels like a bubble that's got to be very close to bursting. Remember Beanie Babies? How about Heelies, Razor Scooters and blankets with sleeves?

Maybe after the bubble bursts, we can recall all the unsold Pop Vinyls and somehow turn them back into crude oil?


  1. We have a regional bookstore/thingy chain called Hastings that's going out of business due to bankruptcy. You walk in the door, and there are towers of these things. All for characters I've never heard of. Who the hell buys them?
    On the plus side: all their Dr Who merch is 20% off. I have loaded up on mini-figs!

  2. I had zero 'cute' vinyls in my collection until these came out. You can't beat the price point either. There is a character for everyone out there.

  3. it's not just pop vinyls. The whole world is so close to going to shit, my friend.


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