Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ghost Busted!

Say, are you sick of hearing the interminable controversy surrounding the Ghostbusters remake? Tired of being labeled anti-feminist because you thought the film was tepid at best? Are you happy the movie finally came, flopped and went so you never have to hear about it ever again?

HAW! You wish, pal! I've got bad news for you— the Ghostbusters 2016 controversy is back! Except instead of focusing on the movie, the public is now turning its outraged eye toward the Halloween costumes based on the film!

Apparently people are incensed with the Women's Ghostbusters Movie Costume ($39.99) and the Women's Deluxe Ghostbusters Movie Costume ($49.99). The Fusion website (whatever that is), is enraged that neither of these costumes comes complete with the requisite pair of ghostbusting boots. And they're positively livid that the model here is shown posing in a pair of (gasp) heels!

Jesus wept.

Slow news day, Fusion? Goodness, you reeeeeeally had to reach for that one. You'd better be careful, or you're going to pull a muscle straining for something to be outraged about.

I should point out that there are actually boots ($34.99) available to complete your Women's Ghostbusters Movie Costume, but they're sold separately. But that apparently doesn't matter, as the damage has already been done by the model wearing (brrrr…) heels.

Fusion's also quite infuriated by the Ghostbusters 2016 line of wigs— especially the Patty one, natch (as seen on the right). OK, I'll admit that they all look like piles of hot garbage and don't look remotely like the styles worn by any of the actresses in the film. But they cost $19.99 each! Of course they look terrible! What the hell do you expect for a measly twenty bucks? 

Fusion is also very upset that the Women's Ghostbusters Movie Costumes come in "Women's" sizes only, but the Men's Ghostbusters costumes feature a somewhat unisex "Adult" label. Said Fusion, "Is the idea of a boy or a man wanting to dress as a female Ghostbuster really that unthinkable?" I suppose it's not unthinkable. "Unlikely" might be a better word.

I guess the politically correct hellscape that passes for our society is now at the point where women's costumes are required to come in men's sizes, or someone's going to experience icky bad feelings. And we can't have that.

Fusion then continued their whinging, complaining that if women want to dress as characters from the original film, their only option is the Sexy Ghostbuster costume. Really? The only option? Why couldn't a woman just buy the goddamned Men's Ghostbusters costume and call it a day?

Besides, isn't this called "capitalism?" If no one wanted a Sexy Ghostbuster costume, then it wouldn't exist. This is hardly the first time these have been available-- somebody must be buying them.

So let me see if I can wrap my head around this. People are complaining that a model's shown wearing impractical heels, they're mad that the cheap wigs look like cheap wigs and won't make them look exactly like Melissa McCarthy, they're pissed that there are no male versions of a female costume (?) and hate that the Sexy Ghostbuster costume exists even though they could just buy the male version. Got it.

I suggest forgetting the whole thing and just buying this stylish Slimer hat/mask instead.

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