Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Battle-STARE Galactica

As I like to keep pointing out, I work as a graphic designer in a marketing department, so I have more than an average interest in advertising and packaging design.

That's why when I see something like this cover for the Battlestar Galactica Season 4 DVD Boxset, I am totally and utterly astonished:

How does something like this happen?

Whenever I design something, it doesn't end with me. It has to be approved by my boss, various department heads, and a compliance officer. At least six or seven different people have to sign off and approve my ad before it's sent off to the printer.

So what excuse does Universal Studios Home Entertainment possibly have for this piece of work?

I'm sure the designer meant for Lee Adama there on the left side of the cover to be staring meaningfully into the distance, pondering the fate of his race. But instead, he ended up taking a long, hard look at Starbuck's ample rack.

Universal is a professional corporate entity that no doubt has hundreds, maybe even thousands of employees. A hundred people probably looked at the proofs of this box cover and approved it before it was printed. It boggles my mind that not even one of those people noticed Lee's inappropriate gaze and said, "Maybe we should use a different photo of him. One that's not quite so... sexual harrassmenty."

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