Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sketchbook Pages

Looking through my posts, I noticed that I'm always talking about my sketchbooks and how most of my illustrations are based on doodles drawn inside them. So I thought I'd scan a few pages and post them. They might give you a "behind the scenes" glimpse into my thought process when I draw. Or you may well view them as a cry for help.

Those of you with small children may want to leave the room now.

Although they look like I used a pencil, they were all drawn with a plain old ball point pen.

These pages actually did come from a sketchbook, but the majority of my sketches are just scribbled on note pads, Post-Its or any other papers that hold still long enough for me to draw on. I've got folders full of loose pages of sketches in my file cabinet, waiting for me to have time to turn them into illustrations (although some of them should probably be tossed out!). Maybe now that I don't have cable TV anymore, I'll have more time for drawing.


  1. cool! these are what I like looking at. it's nifty how they fit together into a sort of composition. they are nice individually, and even nicer as a whole.

  2. Thanks! I guess each page is kind of a composition. I tell myself I can't start a new page until I fill up the current one, so I end up trying to fill odd shapes.

  3. Bob: This is truly awesome stuff, dude! All very Hannah-barbera with a slight twist that makes it all unique. I really, really like your stuff here. BTW: I am a grown man and I, too, bought the Martian War Machine! It is now killing earthlings in my office at work! -- Mykal

  4. finally! i have been waiting for the day i get to see bob's analog work! well worth the wait, these are really great and i sure hope we get to see some more analog stuff soon!!

  5. Thanks everyone! Gawrsh, you're making me blush!

    Radiation Cinema: I guess my stuff does have an HB look to it. I always thought the Hanna Barbera characters were all very well designed. Even the ones I didn't care much for at least were fun to look at.

    Enjoy your Martian War Machine! I hope your co-workers all know what it is (I'll bet any of the younger ones won't!).

    Brad: Pretty much all of the art here and on Flickr starts out analog. It's still easier for me to rough out a sketch with pen and paper. Once I get everything figured out, that's when I scan it and re-draw it in Photoshop.

    I've got tons more pages I can scan.


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