Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hooples Truck

I saw this truck parked in front of the grocery store near my house.

I'm a little puzzled by it. The "O's" in "Hoople" are obviously meant to look like bratwursts, which is substantiated by the floating pig carrying the banner. But what's up with the "Fresh Salads" tag?

Has all the concern about obesity in America forced the Hoople people to change their focus from delicious, filling sausage products to salads? Or have they started distributing salads in addition to meat? I'm confused.

Maybe I'm just not thinking outside the box. Maybe they're not green salads at all. Maybe they're some kind of new artery-clogging meat salad, made from pork and pork by products. Given what passes for haute cuisine around here, that seems about right.

Now if only we could figure out the names of the punks who knocked over the R.R. 1 mailbox!

Update: I just realized that this is another example of cannibalistic pigs in advertising. He's on the side of the truck there floating off the ground while gaily waving a banner the color of blood, boldly emblazoned with images of processed meat culled from the flesh of his brethren.

If you look around you'll find that almost every company that sells pork products has a logo like this, featuring an anthropomorphic pig, which is usually holding a dish of pork products in a ghastly display of cannibalistic excess.

I hope whatever they paid you was worth it, Mr. Hoople's Pig. How do you sleep at night?


  1. hahaha! MEAT SALAD! i bet you are right, i bet the green salads are at a standstill so they are trying to up the ante by offering sausage salad.
    is this the same company that brought us meat-cream cones?

  2. I don't know. I like the name "Hoople's" though. And cudos to them for actually using an apostrophe correctly!


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