Saturday, March 17, 2018

An Open Letter To Companies Who Pull Stunts Like This

Got this lovely item in the mail yesterday, and just had to comment on it. If you own a company and you do this, then f*ck you!

I pay every bill I get the very next day, so I know damned good and well none of them are overdue. Still, when I saw "Second Notice" printed on this envelope, I have to admit I freaked out a little. What if there was a glitch somewhere and the electric company (or whoever) didn't get my payment? Oh god, are the lights gonna go out any second? How much time, energy and trouble is it gonna take to straighten this out?

Of course once I opened the damned thing, it turned out to be a stupid offer for a stupid product from a stupid company. Assholes. This is a despicable practice and if isn't illegal, it should be. Surely it's some form of mail fraud? I hope someone sues the lying pants off the owner of this business.

To the douche nozzle who owns this company— do you really think I'm gonna buy something from you after you pulled a reprehensible stunt like this? Screw you!

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