Thursday, June 2, 2011

Doctor Who Enemies Lineup

Now that I finished my Doctor Who Enemies Infographic, I thought I'd combine all the characters into one image. One incredibly wide image.

They're shown here in scale to one another, more or less. I had to fudge their heights a bit to get them all to fit.

For the uninitiated, the lineup from left to right is:
Omega: The first Time Lord, who turned evil and tried to destroy his home planet
An Auton: A life form made of living plastic that often takes the form of mannequins
Robot K-1: A giant robot that wreaked havoc on Earth
A Sontaran: A race of small statured and ruthless cloned alien soldiers
A Dalek: The Doctor's most famous foe; a race of evil mutants encased in mobile battle suits whose favorite saying is "EX-TER-MI-NATE!"
The Master: Another evil Time Lord and the Doctor's archenemy
Davros: An insane alien scientist and creator of the Dalek race
A Cyberman: Alien cyborgs that are more machine than flesh
An Ice Warrior: Martians who thrive in cold environments
A Sea Devil: A reptilian race that flourished on Earth eons before man
A Yeti: Fur covered robots controlled by an alien called the Great Intelligence
A Zygon: An aquatic race that controls a robotic sea serpent

There's a similar lineup featuring the Eleven Doctors here.

The whole gang was drawn all in InDesign.

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