Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sometimes A Gal Just Likes To Feel Pretty

Last week Lucy, my pal KW Monster's dog, was a guest at my house. Lucy's a really good dog, and smart too. She's stayed at my house many times, and never causes any trouble.

On this particular visit, she decided to get all gussied up and put on a fashion show. Here we see Lucy wearing a stylish ensemble featuring a smart monochromatic stripe pattern. Note the addition of the fashionable leash in the background, in contrasting royal blue.

If I were to judge what Lucy is thinking by her expression here, it would be, "If I had opposable thumbs I'd kill you."

Paging Dame Fashion! I have a Ms. Lucy on the line, sporting a sleek and stunning frock for those chilly spring evenings! Note that the bold horizontal stripes help to de-emphasize Madame's extra long torso.

Is it possible for a dog to feel humiliation? Based on Lucy's expression here, I would say the answer is a resounding affirmative.

Down, Lucy! The "catwalk" is just an expression!

What? Why are you looking at me like that? It's not weird for a grown man to dress up a dog and take pictures of it! Lots of men do it! I'm not weird! I have a full time job and a mortgage, just like a normal person! Don't judge me!


  1. If we can't judge you for dressing up the dog, can we judge you for owning a hot pink shirt? With horizontal stripes no less! *gasp* Unless of course you're actually a 14 year old girl. ;)

    I'm kidding. I kid. Wear the pink shirt! Own it like a man! Spit in the face of convention!

    I'll shut up now. I live in Vancouver - I'm not allowed to judge anything right now.

  2. In my defense, Lucy brought the hot pink shirt with her. It was in a pile of old clothes that she was sleeping on in her bed.

    I wish just once in my life I felt passionate about something enough to burn down Vancouver (or any other city). Alas, that hasn't happened yet. Especially not where sports are concerned.

  3. *LOL* I'm glad you haven't found anything in your life to be so passionate about that it would make you BURN DOWN MY HOME! Sheesh.

    You know what I'd like to see - people rioting over no cure for cancer (the disease, not the Denis Leary album) or child rape or something that actually, y'know, matters in the slightest.

    But there was actually some good that came out of it - weirdly - the community has come together in a rather unprecedented way. So, y'know, yin and yang, baby.

  4. You're absolutely right-- it would be nice to see people rioting about corporate tax cuts and such rather than a stinkin' hockey game.


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