Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things You Should Know About Me: Super Smelling

I have an abnormally developed sense of smell. It's not at Bloodhound level mind you, but it's definitely higher than the average person's. "Well, that's quite awesome," you may be thinking. Wrong! It is not awesome. Believe me, of the five senses, smell is the last one you want to be enhanced.

The world is not a nice smelling place. Oh sure, now and then you wander past some flowers or a bakery, but those are rarities, my friend. 99.9% of the world just plain stinks. There's car exhaust, cigarette smoke, sewage, body odor, burnt popcorn, foul breath and doody everywhere you go. And I can smell it all from a mile off.

Even so-called good odors can be a bad thing when you have super smelling. Perfumes and colognes are just as bad as a pile of moldy gym socks if they're applied to excess, which they generally are.

It galls me that as my sense of sight fades rapidly with age, my nose seems to become ever more sensitive. Or maybe the world is just starting to smell worse. Either way, it stinks!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah I know its bad. I have been a victim of a bully. The bully being the one with a super sense. He claims to smell bad stuff when I am around when none other than him could smell it. I got good hygiene and its an insult to be around people like you. I don't know if he is telling the truth. But this one bad person with super smelling sense. Another bad thing about him, he spread the word, now everyone who is befriending him think its true. One good thing about it I researched about it, now I know there are lots of you people about. I hope you don't bully anyone like he did. I like to think he is smelling himself. I'd like to pity you people but this one person, bullied me so I guess I could think, he deserve his super sense. It is not a blessing. It is a curse. Good for him. No one is going to like him even as he grow old. Everytime he gets to be about, I tried to keep away because his attitude sucks and everyone else not befriending him knows it. For you, go to a eent doctor, he might have something to fix your nose with. If you want a fix. So you won't be bully with anyone else. Or maybe you can get a job to use your super sense. Or maybe you are just smelling yourself because your nose is much closer to yourself. Sorry if I made you feel my hate but I really don't like people with your power.


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