Sunday, June 26, 2011

Soon I Will Conquer The World!

I took this photo a while back during the local election season. I don't know anything about this gentleman, but I love his name! Dr. Kremzar! It's so cool. He sounds like a super villain. I can just hear him broadcasting from his blimp hovering over the city, saying, "Attention puny citizens! Give me one billion dollars immediately, or I, Dr. Kremzar, will release Formula X-J2 into the city's water supply! Bwah ha ha hah ha!"

With a name like that, he could also be a Star Trek character. "Dr. Kremzar, meet me in transporter room three!"

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks it's a cool name. If you look closely you'll see the good Doctor has apparently trademarked his own moniker!

By the way, I voted for Dr. Kremzar, solely on the coolness of his name. Alas, it wasn't enough, as he lost his bid for county coroner. Maybe next time.

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