Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alien Slacks In The Wild

I was driving to work this morning and saw two of my Alien Slacks
 billboards here in town. Cool!

Nah, I'm just yankin' ya. They're fakes. There's no such product or billboards. They're just examples of my highly successful imaginary career. You know, as opposed to my real one.

Current quantum theory posits that there may very well be an infinite number of parallel universes somewhere out there in the ether, each containing a slightly different version of Earth. I'm confident that somewhere out there in the multiverse, these billboards–and my wildly successful career–actually exist.


  1. This is a great fake! Very convincing, how cool would it be to go on a road trip and see signs like this??!!!

  2. I am going to shoot the Alien Gap to pick out some jeans that'll restrain my worm-hole.


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