Monday, June 4, 2012

Close, But No Cigar

Last year I posted a story about an internet petiton to convince the Olympic Committee to let former Doctor Who star David Tennant light the 2012 Olympic Flame.

See, back in 2006 there was an episode of Doctor Who in which the Doctor and Rose skipped ahead a few years to 2012. The episode frankly wasn't very good, but it was notable for one thing: at the end, the Doctor picks up the Torch and lights the Olympic Flame in full view of the world at large.

As 2012 came closer, fans of the show realized that it would be pretty darn cool if David Tennant actually lit the torch for real, making a small part of the TV series come true. Hey, it's either that or convince DARPA to build a working TARDIS.

I'm happy to report the petition worked. Sort of.

This past Saturday, current Doctor Matt Smith carried the Torch through Cardiff, Wales, which just happens to be where the series is filmed.

So the Doctor lit the Flame after all! Except it wasn't the right Doctor. And he didn't actually light anything, he just carried the Torch. And it was in the wrong venue. In the wrong city. On the wrong date. At the wrong time of day. But hey, other than that, it was exactly like it happened in the episode!

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