Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Annual Plea For The National Weather Service To Stop Giving Hurricanes Stupid Names

Once again, as I do every year, I am imploring the National Weather Service to do something about the less than impressive names it assigns to tropical storms and hurricanes.

As we speak, Tropical Storm Debbie is ravaging the Florida peninsula. Yeah, I said Debbie.

It's bad enough that people are losing their homes, property and even lives, but to lose them to Tropical Storm Debbie... It's embarrassing. These people have suffered enough, they don't need to be mortified on top of everything else.

Plus, think of the people in the storm's path who are being ordered to evacuate their homes. Nobody's going to evacuate because Debbie's heading their way. Who could blame them? "What's that you say, Mr. Civil Defense Worker? You want I should drop everything and leave my home because Tropical Storm Debbie's coming this way? Who's this Debbie anyway? How much trouble could she cause? I'll take my chances, thanks. Come back when Hurricane Death Scythe is bearing down on me, then maybe we'll talk."

Death Storm 2012. Now there's a name that'll get people's attention!

1 comment:

  1. Totally agree, Bob, this is getting ridiculous....


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