Monday, June 2, 2014

R.I.P. Alice Nelson (aka Ann B. Davis)

Well, crap.

Ann B. Davis, better known as Alice Nelson, housekeeper of The Brady Bunch fame, died Sunday at age 88. 
Sadly, Davis died from injuries sustained during a fall in her bathtub.

Like the vast majority of Americans, I grew up in a family that couldn't afford a live-in housekeeper. Well, we could have had one, but then either me or my sister would have had to go.

If we'd have had a housekeeper though, I'd have wanted Alice. Sure her jokes were corny, but what kid wouldn't want a live-in maid who not only had your milk and cookies ready for  you when you came home from school, but would also play touch football with you in the backyard? Alice Nelson was the housekeeper for an entire generations of kids who never had one.

The Brady Bunch aired its final episode in 1974 and has been playing non-stop in syndication for the past forty years. Say what you will about the show, but it must have something to offer if people are still watching it after all these years. I can think of few current shows that audiences will still be watching four decades from now.

So here's to you, Alice. And Ann B. Davis as well. Put on your green cloth coat, call up Sam the Butcher and go compete for that big bowling trophy in those pearly alleys in the sky.

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