Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This Week In Awkward And Inappropriate Book Covers

As most comic book fans are aware, there are wiseacres out there on the interwebs who like to snicker and point at Batman and Robin, insisting that they (and any superhero character with a teen sidekick) must surely be gay. 

Hardee har.

Despite the fact that Robin was created in a more innocent time as an audience surrogate, these wags are insistent that there's a hidden and perverted subtext to the comics, and no amount of argument can dissuade them of this notion.

I don't know where they get such ideas.

Certainly not from this upcoming collection of Frank Quietly's DC artwork. Just look at that wholesome, tasteful cover depicting Robin spreading his creamy white thighs and thrusting his lovingly rendered crotch at the viewer's face, while an unshaven, seedy looking Batman leers smugly from behind.

Nope, nothing salacious or untoward going on here. Move along!

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