Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Nightmare On Fluffy Bunny Street

This is Freddy's deep, dark secret: what he dreams about after a hard night's work murdering teens in their nightmares.

I'm starting to think this drawing is cursed. I finished drawing Freddy and right as I started on his pillow, Photoshop crashed. When I started it back up, the file was apparently corrupted and wouldn't open anymore. Ha ha, computer! Sometimes you are hiLARious! So I got to start all over. It was frustrating, but I think the second try turned out better. Originally I drew Freddy with both hands behind his head, so you couldn't see his iconic glove. I fixed that in the second version.

I apologize for the lame title. I guess I used up all my creativity on the drawing and didn't have any left to come up with a good one. It'll have to suffice until I can think of a better one.

I always thought it was a bit odd that back in the 1980s Freddy Krueger became such a beloved pop culture icon. There was quite a bit of Freddy merchadise too, and all of it was aimed at kids. There were Freddy dolls, costumes and even posters. To me it just seemed wrong for kids to have a poster of a leering, horribly scarred, serial killing child molester hanging on their bedroom walls.

Drawn in Photoshop on the graphic tablet.

Here's the original digital sketch of Freddy. That's all there is, the dream cloud and the bunnies were added sort of on the fly.

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