Friday, February 2, 2024

Steamboat Nightmare

As you've no doubt heard by now, Disney's copyright on Mickey Mouse expired on January 1st of this year, and the character is now in the public domain. 

Well, sort of. Turns out it's just the Steamboat Willie version (which was the debut of Mickey) that's expired— Disney still owns the many other iterations of the character.

Like clockwork, the second the copyright expired everyone pounced on the opportunity and began exploiting the character. The cartoon began appearing EVERYWHERE online, and there's already a low budget Steamboat Willie horror movie!

And there's not a blessed thing Disney can do about it.

Amidst all the hubbub, it occurred to me that while I've been seeing clips of Steamboat Willie my entire life, I've never actually watched the entire cartoon.

So I finally sat down and watched it, and... YIKES!

At one point I was treated to this horrifying and disturbing scene, of Mickey Mouse playing a sow's teats like some sort of 

I've been aware of Steamboat Willie short my entire life, I've never actually seen the actual cartoon. 
I finally watched it today, and was treated to this horrifying scene, of Mickey Mouse playing a pig's teats like some sort of repulsive lap organ. 

Jesus Christ! What the hell, Walt?

Don't Touch That Dial!

I'm back! Kind of.

If you're a loyal reader of my blog, you may have noticed I haven't posted anything for a while. Over a month now, in fact. I haven't abandoned it (yet)— I just decided to take some time off for a bit.

I will warn everyone though that posting around here will probably slow down from this point on— mainly because there's little or no fodder for material. 

Like movie reviews, for example. I used to post a ton of them, but that ended when the pandemic shut down the cineplexes. Now that it's over, and they've opened back up, I'm finding I don't want to go back. There're honestly few if any movies I have any interest in seeing these days, so... I won't be reviewing those. 

Same goes for the Arrowverse shows, such as The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow. Sadly those are over and done with, and there aren't any new series I feel like watching.

And I used to post a lot of my art too, but I kind of got burned out on drawing a couple years back, so... that's probably out too.

So what will I be posting about in the future? Good question! We'll find that out together!

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