Monday, August 30, 2010

The Dragon With The Girl Tattoo

Hey, look! It's a dragon! And he just came from the tattoo parlor!

I know absolutely nothing about the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie; I just heard the title and thought it would be com-o-dee to reverse it. Hopefully it's not some kind of porno.

I realized halfway through the drawing that if I put a tattoo on the dragon's arm it would have to be so small that you'd never be able to see it. It didn't make sense to put it on his side or anywhere else. So rather than scrap that comedy gold of a title, I decided to magnify it in a cartoon balloon.

The dragon (and his tattoo) is a vector drawing, drawn all in InDesign.

I struggled mightily with the background color for this one. Originally it was a dark red, but I had to turn that layer off because it was pan-searing my eyes as I worked on it. I tried color after color and somehow they all looked good to me. I finally narrowed it down to yellow and green, and ultimately picked yellow. Here's the green version for posterity.

Sorry, no real sketch to speak of this time. I sort of drew it on the fly.


  1. i like that ridiculously crooked neck

  2. AWESOMELY AWESOME BOB! I looooooooove it so much! What makes it even better is that the tattoo girl is so dang cute and happy.

  3. Thanks KW & Dawn! I put a lot of effort into the angles of his neck.

  4. This Zombie Rabbit Award was given to me, and now I'm required to give it to another guy. Someone who glorifies zombies and monsters and that sort of thing. Here you go (you can find the picture on my blog.) It needs to be passed on to another monster lover now.


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