Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spock Would Not Approve

I was in a store today and noticed several products from a company called iLogic. As near as I can tell they have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Apple and the iPod and iPhone, but boy they're sure trying their best to look like they do, what with their co-opting of the little lower case "i."

I know it's supposed to be pronounced "EYE-logic," but nevertheless when I look at their logo all I see is "ILL-logic." I know, it's not spelled the same as "illogic," but that's how I see it. Didn't anyone in the iLogic corporate boardroom think about that? Seriously, a computer company's got to be full of Trekkies, right? People who grew up with Spock and the Vulcans way and all that.You'd think someone in the organization would have noticed that their name is only one letter away from a word that makes you look like an idiot for buying their products.

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  1. You make a valid point and one that maybe they deserve for trying to capitalize of that lower case i, has Bigfoot Businessman been here? lol


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