Saturday, January 29, 2011

THIS Is Why Al-Qaeda Hates America: Canine Aromatherapy Candles

You know how when you watch the news and see a story about al-Qaeda and they're always out in the streets chanting, "Death to America?" Did you ever wonder, "Gosh, what's their problem? Why do they hate us so much?"

It's because of things like this. 

Behold Sniff Pet Candle company's Aromatherapy Candles for dogs. No, that's not one long typo, there's a company that's actually selling aromatherapy candles for dogs.

It's things like this that make me pretend I'm Canadian whenever I'm in another country.

Here's an actual attempt an an explanation from the company's website:

Sniff pet candles are created especially for the well-being of one of your most beloved family members - your dog.

The aromatherapy of individually combined natural essences promote your dog’s optimum health and well-being.

They come in five exciting scents, including Day in the Hamptons, Fart & Away, Field of Dreams, Splendor in the Grass and Friends to the Rescue.

Each candle costs $32, or you can buy all five scents for a mere $150. You know, I love dogs as much or more than the next person, but in these end times in which we live, this seems shockingly excessive and inappropriate.

Despite marketing such a ridiculous product, the company's heart does seem to be in the right place. Supposedly they donate a portion of each sale to local animal shelters, which is nice of them. I just wish they concentrated on selling something a bit more practical and less embarrassing, like maybe a dog blanket or some sort of squeak toy. Not some new-age hooey for animals that feel comfortable drinking out of the toilet.


  1. Yeah, I felt the same way. As near as I can tell this is a real product, not some internet joke.


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