Monday, February 21, 2011

Scooby Who

Hey, it's a mashup of two of my favorite things: Doctor Who & Scooby Doo.

I was watching the most recent season of Doctor Who on DVD and it struck me that Rory very much resembled a live-action Shaggy (much more than Matthew Lillard did in those two mediocre Scooby movies). That was all it took for the idea of a Scooby/Doctor Who mashup to pop into my head.

I found the classic Scooby Doo "running characters" title screen online and started substituting Who characters for the Scooby ones. Obviously the Doctor had to be Fred. Amy worked out perfectly as Daphne. As I mentioned earlier, Rory makes a perfect Shaggy. River Song's not really all that Velma-like, but she'll have to do. I needed a Scooby, so who better to fill that part than the only dog in the Whoniverse-- good old K-9? Then all that was left was to substitute a Cyberman for the Creeper. It worked out much better than I expected. Why, it's almost as if the Who producers planned it that way.

I tried to match the Hanna Barbera animated look as much as possible, so it's a little different from my usual style. I think this was the first time I've ever drawn a Cyberman. They're tough to draw. Lots of angles and fussy little lines.

Before anyone says anything, I know that Amy didn't wear that outfit in The Pandorica Opens, but the Scooby girls both wore skirts, and I wanted at least one of the females here to be wearing one as well, so I fudged Amy's outfit a bit. Technically Rory should be in his Roman Legionnaire duds too, but I nixed that idea because I wanted to play up his resemblance to Shaggy. And of course K-9's never been in any Matt Smith episodes, but I needed a dog, so... chalk it up to Artistic License.

The text was hand drawn, based on the original Scooby lettering. Odd that the original title is actually a question, but there's an exclamation point at the end instead of a question mark.

Drawn in Photoshop on the graphic tablet.

Here's the original Scooby Doo title card.


  1. HA! How clever and funny. Great job. I've been looking at all your work. (Found you on Flickr.) You have great lines in your art. That's something I always strive for in my work. Keep it up. I'm following you here and there! mwah ha ha... (evil laugh) =)

  2. Thanks, ArtbyAndy! Welcome aboard!

    I'm glad you appreciate my line work; it's something I work hard at. Unfortunately I'm still not good enough to get the perfect line on the first try. There's lots of drawing and erasing and pressing of the undo button.

  3. We just started watching Doctor Who and it's great fun. Though we just finished season one and at the end the Doctor changed into a new guy. Haven't watched season two yet. I really liked the other actor, but I'm going to give the new guy a chance.

  4. Welcome to the world of Doctor Who, Happy Whisk! Yes, I liked Christopher Eccleston too, but I think you'll like David Tennant even better.

  5. Another GREAT Doctor Who post! LOVE IT!
    I find myself more and more interested and excited to see what you'll post next. Your drawings are spectacular!

  6. Awesome work. You've done it again!

  7. KW: Thanks!

    Cubed_Link: Wow, thanks! Glad you like my stuff!

    Al Bruno III: Thanks a lot!

  8. Just wanted to let you know, your artwork is a hit on Tumblr; I posted it there with a link back to your blog and in 24 hours it's gotten 1600 notes! I was shocked when I checked it this morning!

    Amazing work! The best part for me is, when Arthur Darvill was a presenter for CITV back around 2000, he once wore a Shaggy t-shirt on-air. :)

  9. Thanks, eclecticmuse! See, I told you Arthur/Rory looks like Shaggy!

  10. Bob, a great coming together of 2 modern day icons. Any chance of doing a full size print run of this as you did for the 11 Doctors?

  11. This really made me laugh! Such great work, thanks for making my smile on a dreary Monday morning!

  12. A: That's a good idea. I'll look into it.

    whatkatiedid" Thanks, katie! Glad you liked it.


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