Thursday, May 26, 2011

Judgement Day Has Been Postponed!

Whoops! Not so fast there, all you people who think humanity dodged the Rapture bullet last week! According to Mr. Camping, the Rapture DID occur, we just couldn't see it.

He originally said the Rapture would occure on May 21, 2011, and that all of us who were left behind would have to endure firestorms, earthquakes and other hellish tribulations for five months until God destroyed the planet in October. Now he's saying God actually did judge us on May 21, but that he's decided to skip the earthquakes and such, giving us five months to get our affairs in order before the end on October 21.

So that means if you were pondering getting new carpeting for the bedroom or signing up for NetFlix, go ahead and do it; you've got five months.

It also means that Mr. Camping is once again ignoring the prophecies of his own bible.

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  1. I'm covered, I'm going to Flying Spaghetti Monster heaven anyway,


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