Sunday, October 30, 2011

Frankenstein 014: Frankenborg

Just in time for Halloween, here's another entry for my ongoing 100 Frankensteins Project: Frankenborg!

With an indestructible metallic skeleton covered by the skin of a dozen fresh corpses, Frankenborg can be found terrorizing the countryside and Radio Shacks from coast to coast.

I'm not totally sold on the green shirt, but I tried just about every color there is and couldn't find anything I liked better. The problem was that all the other colors tended to draw your eye right to the shirt, to the exclusion of everything else. The green doesn't seem to call much attention to itself, so I guess it'll have to do.

Drawn in Photoshop on the graphic tablet.
I first drew Frankenborg wayyy back in 1994 and decided to dust him off and update him a bit. As you can see I was firmly entrenched in my "cross hatching" phase back then. Thank God I grew out of that! By the way, this was drawn with a ball point pen on very thin paper that I cross hatched to within an inch of its life. I certainly knew how to shovel on the detail back then; too bad I didn't know anything about anatomy. Look at those stubby little legs! I have no idea why I drew him so wildly out of proportion. I'm almost embarrassed to post it.

You can definitely tell he's a product of the 1990s, what with his black shorts and Doc Martens (a look I used to sport back then as well, sorry to say).

Here's the digital sketch I did for the new drawing. The proportions are much better this time. The gap at the waist is there because I didn't feel like drawing the fiddly extension cord belt on the sketch.


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