Friday, December 16, 2011

Well, I Am Now Officially Unemployed

It finally happened– as of today I have officially joined the ranks of the nation's unemployed.

The image above is a pretty good approximation of me right now as I sit wondering what in the name of Zeus' Mighty Nose Hair I'm going to do next.

Fortunately (I guess), this didn't come as a surprise. I've known it was going to happen for quite some time. I've been sending out resumes, filling out applications and trying to network with the handful of people I know around town, but there just isn't anything out there right now.

Obviously I would prefer a job in the advertising/marketing field, but I'm a realist; I may have to do something else for a while until things improve.

If anyone needs a creative graphic designer or illustrator with twenty years of experience, don't hesitate to call me!

In the meantime I will be working on my new country & western song, titled "Pink Slip for Christmas."

UPDATE: I am now officially employed again!


  1. Bob,

    Hang in there. You are an incredible talent!



  2. My heart goes out to you. God, what miserable times. I wish you all the luck in the future.

  3. hi bob, that sucks! but sometimes it is a blessing in disguise. i was laid off last year on dec 1 and now have a much better job that i really love. hope the same happens for you :)

    thanks so much from the christmas card it is always a wonderful surprise and you do such an incredible job.

    wishing you the best this holiday and it won't be long before something great comes your way!

    If you fancy iceland

  5. @Bill and Mykal:
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Hopefully I can post a "I Am Now EMPLOYED" entry soon.

    I hope something better comes along soon. I'm trying to remain positive, but it's hard. It's brutal out there right now.

    I did manage to snag a part time job, but it's a dollar over minimum wage and seasonal, so in all likelihood I will be shown the door after the holidays. So it's not really anything to get excited about. Maybe if I do a good job they'll decide to keep me on.

    Thanks, but Iceland would be a hell of a commute.


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