Monday, September 23, 2013

Why Do They Call Them Comics: B.C.

So I guess we've just outright dispensed with the idea that the B.C. comic strip is set in prehistoric times, right? Apparently it now takes place on some remote, inaccessible island that's somehow aware of the outside world and on which protohumans, dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals coexist.

Or perhaps it never was set in the remote past. Maybe it's actually set in the distant future, in a post-apocalyptic hellscape populated by the primitive descendants of humanity and talking, mutated animals that resemble dinosaurs.

The iPod joke feels like one of those references artists inject in a desperate attempt to try and make the strip seem hip and current. If I was a little more cynical I'd suspect this was an old, repurposed strip from the 1990s and they simply whited out "Walkman" and inserted iPod.

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