Monday, October 16, 2017

Sign Of "Things" To Come!

This past weekend I had my annual viewing of John Carpenter's Halloween. As always, every time I see it, I notice a few things I've not seen before.

First of all, the movie premiered in 1978. That means it's 39 years old this year. THIRTY NINE! How the hell is that even possible? I can remember sitting in the theater watching it first run!

Secondly, as a graphic designer, I'm always aware of fonts and kerning and such. Halloween uses the ITC Serif Gothic Black font. It's not bad, but I think I'd have come up with a hand-made, "scary" looking font instead of just using a store-bought one. 

The kerning (aka spacing between letters) is also a bit off. There's way too much space on either side of the "A" and too much between the two "Es." But other than that it's perfect!

One thing I noticed this time— at one point in the movie, main character and Final Girl Laurie Strode watches TV with Tommy Doyle, the kid she's babysitting.

The movie they're watching on the luxurious 19" picture tube TV is 1951's The Thing From Another World.

Apparently that was an omen, because a few years later (in 1982), Carpenter remade The Thing! Cool!

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