Monday, February 18, 2019

R.I.P. Hitler, Er, I Mean Bruno Ganz

R.I.P. to Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, who died this week at age seventy seven.

You likely don't recognize his name, but you definitely know his face. Ganz famously starred as Hitler in the 2004 WWII drama Downfall. While the film is relatively unknown here in the States, it launched several thousand "Hitler Reacts To..." internet memes.

You know the ones. Hitler's excited about some pop culture event like the release of The Last Jedi, and his staff nervously informs him that it's awful. He then shakily takes off his glasses and launches into a venomous rant at the idiotic powers that be who allowed such a thing to happen.

I'm anxiously waiting for someone with more time than me to create a suitable "Hitler Reacts To Bruno Ganz's Death" meme.

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