Sunday, November 10, 2019

Dawn Of The Surnames

Today I learned something new about the 1978 Dawn Of The Dead the four main characters all have last names!

I just saw the movie for the 50th time (possibly 75th!), and afterward I watched a making-of documentary on the blu ray. It had interviews with the cast, and it listed their characters' full names:

Fran Parker
Stephen "Flyboy" Andrews
Peter Washington
Roger DeMarco

Amazing that after forty one years I'm still learning things about the film!

I have to assume those last names come directly from the script, because no one ever says them at any point in the movie.

By the way, Flyboy was played by David Emge, who's from my hometown of Evansville. I met him a few years ago at a horror convention, and when I mentioned where I was from he asked about Eville and what all had changed.

Actually Ken Foree (aka Peter) and Gaylen Ross (aka Fran) are both from Indianapolis. That makes Dawn Of The Dead the most Hoosier zombie movie ever made!

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