Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Our Long Orange Nightmare Is Finally Over!

Thank the Christ Baby Jesus. Our long, and I do mean lonnnnng, national nightmare is finally over. "President" Murder left the White House for the last time today. 

Never again will we have to look at his off-putting spray tan or rat's nest of a coif. No longer will we have to endure the vile lies spewing from his foul orifice of a mouth. Nevermore will we dread getting up and seeing what new atrocity he's committed.

It's honestly like a weight's been lifted from my chest.

I tried to warn y'all back in 2016. I told everyone I know over and over that the next four years were gonna be an absolute shit show, the likes of which we'd never seen. But everyone laughed and said I was overreacting. Yeah, well who's laughing now?

Even though I was expecting the worst, I had no idea just how bad things would actually get. For example, I didn't foresee him telling 30,000+ lies over his four year team, nor did I expect him to be impeached 2, count 'em TWO times. I also failed to predict his mishandling of the pandemic that's killed 400,000 Americans (so far), along with his inciting a violent armed insurrection meant to overthrow the government and turn the country into a dictatorship.

But at last President Cheeto's reign of incompetence and malfeasance is over, as he's been forced to vacate the White House in disgrace. He may pop up briefly in the news from time to time as the lawsuits and criminal charges against him begin piling up like cars on an LA freeway, but... for the most part he's out of our lives forever!

Good riddance to bad rubbish! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Don!

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