Friday, November 4, 2022

That's Freaky!

You should know there's a 1972 movie called Blood Freak. It's the timeless tale of a man who eats tainted meat, which causes him to mutate into a half human creature with a turkey head— and an appetite for blood. Seriously, that old story again?

Anyway, I watched the movie recently and noticed something awfully familiar in the background of this scene...

Check out the upper left of the Wall Of Tackiness in my living room! It turns out I have the exact same orange tiger print as seen in Blood Freak!

The frame's different, as it was made out of real bamboo by my pal KW Monster. But the print's undeniably the same.

I wonder... how many of these things can there be in the world? I found this thing in an antique store here in town. Could it be I bought the EXACT same print as seen in the movie?

Until I find out otherwise, I'm choosing to believe it's the same one!

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