Wednesday, February 8, 2023

The Last Of Thrones

I've been enjoying HBO's new series The Last Of Us so far. I played a little bit of the game a long time ago, and they've done a reasonable job of capturing the look and tone of it. It feels like everything The Walking Dead should have been but never was.

Unfortunately I won't be reviewing it, as I just don't have the time these days. Sorry!

Anyway, I was watching the opening credits and realized they seemed strangely... familiar. They definitely reminded me of something, but I can't quite think of what.

Ah, there it is! 

The rapidly spreading fungi in The Last Of Us opening looks uncannily like the mechanical, clockwork buildings and cities that spring up in the Game Of Thrones titles!

Heck, The Last Of Us' music even sounds similar (and yes, I know it came from the game).

Maybe since they're each produced by HBO, the same art director worked on both?

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