Sunday, March 19, 2023

Low Fashion

Check out these stylish new boots that are the latest thing from Harzhi, whoever they are!

So sleek! So chic! Just the thing for the fashionable, trendy gal who wants to turn heads in Toontown. 

You know, these oversized cartoonish boots remind me of something, but I can't quite figure out what...

Ah, there it is. The footwear of choice of Japanese manga hero Astro Boy.

I freely admit I just don't get the world of high fashion, as I wouldn't be caught dead in these things outside of a cosplay convention. I can only imagine how hot these rubber monstrosities would be— anyone who wears them probably has to pour out a gallon of sweat after clomping around in 'em all day. 

And it's a given the wearer will be constantly tripping and stumbling in these preposterous things, resulting in hundreds of lawsuits leveled against Harzhi.

Ah, but remember the motto of the fashion industry— Style Over Comfort!

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