Saturday, May 4, 2024


A couple weeks ago, we all finally caught up with The Flash's convoluted timeline, as we reached the date (April 25, 2024) in which everyone's favorite speedster vanished during the Crisis.

Welp, it's happened again! In the Season 8 episode Into The Still Force, Barry Allen searches for his wife Iris, who's inexplicably trapped inside the Still Force (a realm of temporal energy).

While there, Barry sees a newspaper dated May 4, 2024, which informs us that evil speedsters Zoom and Godspeed have destroyed Central City (so who published this hometown newspaper then? Whoops!).

Wow, two super fast villains laying waste to an entire metropolis sounds like a pretty epic episode! unfortunately nothing remotely like that happens, as it's a muddled plot full of confusing time travel shenanigans and luckwarm subplots. Feh!

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