Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Frankenstein 003: Frankenstone

Part of my 100 Frankensteins Project.

I was never a big fan of the Flinstones. I always much preferred the futuristic gadgets of the Jetsons to the Flinstones and their prehistoric animals with the corny lines. So since I never watched it much, I have no idea if they ever used a character like this on the show or not. It seems too obvious for them to have passed up. If they did do a Frankenstein joke, I swear I didn't know about it beforehand.

If you click on the image to embiggen it, you can see I tried giving it an animated cel look, as if it's printed on clear acetate and painted on the opposite side. I took the layer with the drawing on it, then selected "layer styles" in Photoshop. I added a drop shadow and set the distance to 0. That made the drop shadow spread out from all directions, instead of going off to one side. I adjusted the size of the shadow until the black lines had that cel animation look.

Drawn in Photoshop on the graphic tablet.

Here's the rough sketch I used to draw Frankenstone.

And here's the even rougher sketch that I started out with. I decided to add a little bit of action to the proceedings, instead of having him just stand there like he's waiting on a bus.


  1. i liked the designs and layouts that ed benedict came up with and the on the flintstones, but i always thought that the show was kinda boring. the acetate look is really pretty impressive, and i dig frankenstone, and you are right seems like there should have been a reference to him in the show at some point. i like that you are showing your sketches with your finished pieces too.

  2. Thanks! I feel the same way about pretty much all Hanna Barbera shows-- I think their characters are all brilliantly designed and fun to look at, but I was never all that excited by the actual shows.

    I guess Fred and Barney never went to any haunted houses so they never had a chance to meet Frankenstone. Didn't the Flintstones have some neighbors who were monsters, sort of like the Addams'Family? The husband was short and had green skin, and the wife was tall and skinny. Were they on the show, or was that just in the comic book? I can't remember anymore.

    I like seeing artist's sketches and how they work, so that's why I try to include my sketches here. Most of my sketches are just a rough outline, and I usually end up adding a lot of stuff on the fly as I'm drawing the final image.

  3. I've had an idea collecting dust in the back of my brain: Clint Eastrock has an affair with Betty in the "Bridges of Madisonrock County." Barney never knew. Pebbles and BamBam would uncover a diary carved on to stone tablets years later.

  4. There very much was a Frankenstone character on The Flintstones. In fact, there was a whole family:


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