Friday, September 4, 2009

Robot Runamuck

I don't usually do a lot of vector art, mainly because I can't get nice, fluid, variable lines like I can when I draw with a pen. But I thought I'd experiment and give it another try. My vector work usually comes out looking too stiff to me. I figured if it's gonna end up looking stiff, then what better subject matter than a robot?

This one was drawn entirely in InDesign. A lot of people are surprised when they find out I draw things in InDesign instead of in Illustrator. It's got most of the same drawing tools as Illustrator, and IMO is easier to use. The aging effect was a jpeg imported into InDesign and placed on top of the art.

Another reason I don't do a lot of vector art-- this drawing took me DAYS. I bet I spent three or four times as long on this one as I would have if I'd been drawing it in Photoshop on my graphic tablet. It was a fun experiment, and maybe next time I'll be able to do it faster.

It might make a fun t-shirt design.


  1. I think this is awesome, Bob
    and I'm also surprised its done in InDesign

  2. Thanks! I'm thinking about submitting this to Maybe they'll make it into a shirt.

    I was never much of an Illustrator fan, so when I saw that InDesign has many of the same drawing tools, I figured why open up Illustrator, draw something in it, and import it when I can just stay in InDesign and draw it there.

    Some things are easier (for me anyway) in InDesign. Like the pathfinder tools. Whenever I'm in Illustrator, the pathfinder stuff NEVER works the way I want it to. In InDesign, it always works perfectly.


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