Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moonmen Drink Mix: Kiwi Komet

Yet another entry in the Moonmen Drink Mix product lineup.

In the first version of him that I drew, his jumpsuit was a darker green and he wasn't wearing gloves or boots. It suddenly struck me that he looked uncomfortably close to Quisp, the mascot from the Quaker Oats cereal of the same name. So I lightened his suit and gave him some kiwi skin brown gloves and boots to try and differentiate him a bit.

I drew the alien and the Moonmen logo with the pen tool in InDesign. The logo is hand-lettered, but based loosely on a real font. I added the symbol in the middle because nothing says 1960s space age like an atom. Then I imported those elements into Photoshop, where the rest of the text, the packet and shading were done.

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