Sunday, December 20, 2009

Two Weeks!

"Get ready for a surprise!"

I went through a ton of onscreen sketches to get Two Weeks Lady just right. I made some screen caps of her from the movie and used those as a reference to draw her. I think I was following the reference too closely, because she kept coming out looking way too realistic. I had to keep throwing out details and simplifying her until she looked suitably cartoony.

By the way, next time you see the movie, you can amuse yourself by watching Two Weeks Lady's big yellow coat. When she's wearing it, it's very bulky to cover her ample curves. But as soon as her head splits open to reveal Ah-nuld hiding inside, the coat suddenly shrinks about 10 sizes to fit him almost perfectly. That future technology is amazing!

Drawn in Photoshop on the graphic tablet.


  1. Thanks! While I was drawing this I was a little bit afraid people wouldn't know who it was supposed to be. But I guess she's a pretty recognizable character!

  2. this should be on a t-shirt!

  3. Thanks, Anonymous, but I'm afraid Arnold might sue me if I made a shirt!

  4. I just did a GIS for "2 Weeks" and found this. So absolutely hilarious. Well done!


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