Monday, January 18, 2010

I Am So Going To Hell

When I was in college, my friend's mom had this print hanging on the wall of her house. I remember I'd just stare at it every time I went there, fascinated by both the technical craftsmanship of the painting, and the all-out bat$#!+ insanity of the subject matter.

Seriously, I love this painting. How could you not? The sentiment it portrays is a nice one, but it goes about it in such a frakin' bizarre way that I can't believe it's real. It appears that Jesus is finally fed up with the petty bickering of the nations of the world, so he's grown to Megazord size and is knocking on the window of the U.N. building to let the representatives inside know that they'd better shape up... or else there's gonna be some urban renewal, pronto. It's not every day that you can find a piece of art that celebrates both religion and Godzilla movies-- all at the same time.

I christened the painting, Attack Of The 50 Foot Jesus, after the similarly titled B-movie. My friend's mom, she didn't think that was funny. At all. Boy, did she not think that was funny.

I wish I could find a print of this painting. I would snap it up in a heartbeat. I keep an eye out every time I go to a flea market, but so far, no luck. Maybe one of these days I'll score one.


  1. I think this is just a normal size Jesus. He is just at Legoland, which makes him look bigger.

  2. That would still be a pretty big Lego project!

  3. I was shown this one long ago and it disturbed me.
    look at the ghosts on the right.

  4. that is probably one of the more interesting paintings i have ever seen. it almost seems like an ad more then a piece of fine art. it is quite mesmerizing.

  5. KW: I've seen that Rapture painting somewhere before. There are a few things I don't get about it. Why are there ghosts coming out of the cemetery? The way I always understood it, your soul goes to Heaven as soon as you die. According to this painting it has to wait until the End of Days before it gets to go.

    Then apparently the Chosen souls are in such a hurry to get to Heaven that they don't even pull over to the side of the road, they just float through the roofs of the cars and let them sail on down the road until they crash into something.

    But what about the airplane crashing into the building? I don't see any ghosts coming out of it. Was the pilot so startled by what's happening on the ground that he forgot to look where he was going?

    Also, I guess there was no one in the entire corrupt and sinful city who's souls were worth saving, as I don't see a single ghost floating above it. Sorry city dwellers! Only people driving on the highway get chosen!

    Brad: It does have kind of an ad look to it, doesn't it. There's even room at the top for some copy.

  6. Did a little google-fu and it seems that the artist Harry Anderson painted that one.

  7. Also this image of it:


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