Monday, May 3, 2010

Ad Fail: Shorthanded

Take a look at this poster for the upcoming Jonah Hex movie:

If you can manage to tear your eyes away from Ms. Fox's pushed up decolletage for a few seconds, you might notice that something about Jonah seems a little... off. Mr. Hex seems to be a little skimpy in the arm department. He's either a world class contortionist, or he's got the right arm of a twelve year old boy.

I took the liberty of superimposing an anatomical figure over the poster. As you can see, his arm is a good eight to nine inches shorter than it ought to be in the real world.

Obviously the artist shortened his arm in order to fit it to the proportions of the poster, and hoped moviegoers wouldn't notice. Once you see it though, it's impossible to unsee it. That tiny arm is also a bit unsettling.

There's more than enough room at the left of the poster to simply bend his arm and still fit the gun above the title. Why they felt the need to shrink his arm, I have no idea.

Shrinking body parts and objects to fit the poster is nothing new. The first time I noticed it was way back in 1983, on the Return of the Jedi poster:

Luke's lightsaber blade was always a good three feet long in the movies. This stubby, economy-size poster version barely clocks in at two feet in order to fit. Maybe we've caught it in the act of powering up?

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  1. Objects seen in poster are smaller than they appear. That little arm is freakin' me out lol!


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