Saturday, May 22, 2010

Corey O'Blongata

Corey's been having headaches lately, so his doctor asked him to bring in a sample. Too bad the doc didn't specify he needed a urine sample.

Corey's a member of the O'Blongatas, a fine old family from the Irish part of the galaxy.

Drawn in Photoshop on the graphic tablet. For some reason I have a really hard time drawing the intricate folds of the brain, and getting them to look right. Luckily I never, ever draw brains, so it's not a problem for me. That's a joke, son.

Here's the original sketch of Corey. When I started drawing him for real, I felt that his body was a little too gangly, so I shrunk it down a bit.


  1. Ha! I like the drips coming off the sketched version.

  2. Oops! I meant to add that in the final drawing. Fixed!

  3. Nice I'm glad this guys has piece of of mind get it...oh, never mind


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